We make your writing better

Book, essay, annual report, press release, blog post — no matter what you need to send out in the world, we’ll make sure you sound professional, precise and concise.

Media Octopus will do this for you in one of three ways:

  1. We’ll edit your words (grammar, spelling, punctuation, style, content) and make it better;
  2. We’ll take the information you have gathered and write it for you; or
  3. We’ll do the research and then write it for you.

You always have final say on the end product.

We have pricing that will appeal to any budget and any timeline and make you sound like you’ve been a professional writer and editor for more than a quarter century. Just like us.

We can edit or create any content for you. Such as:

  • Manuscripts, essays, reports.
  • Internal reports, memos, staff newsletters. *
  • Press releases and stories about you or your clients.
  • Speeches, newspaper columns, issue papers.
  • Blogs: writing them or editing them before you post.
  • “About Us” on our your web page. In fact, any web page content.
  • Important emails.
  • Social media posts.
  • Cover letters and resumes.
  • Absolutely anything you need to be written.

Visit the rate page to see how easy it is to tap into our expertise. We have simple, straightforward pricing. You’ll always know what you’re getting and how much it will cost.

Ask about our volunteer services for non-profit organizations.

(*Talk to us about handling the design and production of your internal and external publications. We have more than two decades of publishing experience.)